Largest and greatest of the Eight Nations, mighty Claslat is the powerhouse that drives the Octet. Claslat’s symbol is the smith’s hammer—the tool that imparts shape and meaning to that which is otherwise inert and useless. It was in Claslat that the Great Convocation of 1991 was held, in which the Eight Nations established the formal orthodoxy by which their societies have been ordered ever since. It is by the limitless output of Claslat’s foundries and factories that the smaller nations of the Octet survive. It is by the boldness and genius of Claslat’s vision that the Eight Nations have found progress, security, prosperity.

These are the claims recited to young Claslati in their crèches and in the sermons of their lectors.

But Autochthon is dying, and by degrees the Octet dies with him. Has Mighty Claslat finally found its limits?

Can the largest of the Octet rise above their own greed and waste?

Will it matter?

First Among Equals